I have been partnering with Chris for just over five years. In that time and with his support, I have not only established myself in the IT industry in NYC, but have become what I would consider a success :). Chris has always been amazing at calling out my bullshit while helping me truly believe in my skills and my strengths. It’s just reassuring knowing that I have him on my team when I need him. Thank you, Chris, for being my long-term success partner!”
— Linda, IT Director, NYC
To be honest, I still don’t know what Professional Coaching is because Chris doesn’t come across as anything other than my champion...so maybe that’s Coaching? All I know is that when I’ve felt stuck or unsure or insecure about my next steps, Chris was there to show me that I not only had the plan in me, but he helped me believe that I could follow through with it. As a Consultant, life can be hard when trying to do the work that I love while needing to do the work that pays the bills. My ongoing work with Chris has helped me keep things in perspective, and that has benefited my entire family. Thank you!
— Jamie, Design Consultant, Portland

Chris and I are going on our third year of working together, and I can’t imagine not having him along this ride with me. In that time, I’ve gone from uni graduate (Columbia University, NYC) to entry-level Actuary to Managing Actuary, and I couldn’t be happier with how well the process has gone. Chris has come to really understand me and my goals while also knowing what gets me stuck and what gets me motivated to move through obstacles. It’s comforting to know he’s got my best interests in mind in this crazy world. Thank you, Chris!
— Stella, Managing Actuary, NYC
Perspective and intuition. Chris has them and they’ve been so valuable in our work together. I know he’s been around the block - both in his professional coaching and personal lives - so I know he gets it and because of that, he gets me. Thankful to have someone on my team who asks the hard questions, lends experienced perspective, and holds my feet to the fire to ensure I’m following through on my plans. Thanks man!”
— James, Vancouver, BC