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From providing professional development to your managers, to hosting a white glove service dinner party, I provide a variety of highly customized coaching and development services for your team or organization. All packages are tailored to your individual needs and pricing varies accordingly.  



leadership offsite dinner party


Leadership offsite dinner party

Leadership off-sites are notorious for agendas cobbled together with snacks and activities in-between that keep everyone just awake enough to make it to happy hour drinks. At Eat.Drink.Advance., I go straight to the food and drinks, weaving a well-crafted agenda into a multi-hour and multi-course meal. I believe that when we have something to do other than stare at a talking head in front of a whiteboard, creativity, innovation, and collaboration can thrive. Each offsite dinner party is custom tailored to each team's needs and agenda; this includes the food and drink! I will meet with your leadership well before the dinner to ensure that we know the intended outcome while making sure that advancement is happening from cheers to chocolate cake



  • Consultation to determine menu and objectives 
  • hosted dinner with built in development and/or team building activities 
  • All food and drinks 

Full and half day

team workshops


full and half day workshops

I could tell you how awesome these are and how different they are from what you've experienced in the past, but just take a look at this sample full day session to get your mouth watering and your professional development chops excited! No more soulless conference rooms. No more post-lunch crashing. Just some white-glove service and curated development that is aimed right at you and your team.



  • Consultation to determine menu and objectives
  • robust agenda and actionable take-aways
  • All food and drinks
  • Collaborative space 


coaching for your managers


COAching for your managers

You're a leader who has responsibilities spanning departments and maybe even the globe. In addition, you manage managers who have been charged with or are expected to coach the employees THEY manage. How do you do it all while ensuring that the coaching quality is consistently high? Let me do it. Coaching is not a skill that can simply be laid out in one session, and managers are off and running. Coaching takes time, intention, practice, and above all, focus. As a Coach for your managers in a year-long (customizable) partnership, I will instill in them coaching skills and best practices that they will learn by being coached themselves. That's how coaching works. I can take that weight off of you so that you can focus on other business needs, all-the-while gaining managers who are better communicators and more engaged teammates.



  • Regular consultations with leadership (contract owner) to review objectives and progress
  • Regular 1-1 development sessions with managers
  • Confidentiality guidelines (to be determined and agreed upon before signing a contract) 





Organizational transitions are a natural part of business just as personal transitions are a natural part of life. Teams build, and teams shrink or even go away altogether. And although change can be scary, it doesn't need to be paralyzing. As a leader in your organization who may be tasked with leading a downsizing effort, know that there are ways to ensure the best possible outcomes for those most impacted. 

Transition Coaching employs Change Management techniques to support employees as they reflect on who they've become in their past role(s) while developing their professional story to showcase their skills to new employers. During tailored, multi-day workshops, employees will build confidence as they see how their accomplishments fit into their resume, LinkedIn profile, and networking language. 



  • Initial consultation to understand specific transition situation and needs of the organization.
  • All workshops and following coaching sessions are tailored to each organization's needs, but will looks something like:
    • at least two follow-up 1:1 coaching sessions per employee (in-person or phone/video)
    • one two-day group workshop focusing on skills identification, accomplishment articulation, resume-buildings strategies, LinkedIn profile building strategies, and professional story-telling
  • Reporting documenting participation and results